Who are we?

Established in 2019 by like-minded individuals, the Midori team are meticulous in their pursuit to a greener world. We aim at providing solutions for a sustainable future through our line of environmentally responsible goods.

Given the current rate of consumption, from raw materials to unsustainable products, the world will soon see the depletion of its resources. If we continue to turn a blind eye to these issues, we are bound to come across environmental, social and economic ills.

At Midori, we believe there is no Planet B, and that has been our driving force. We’re looking to make the world a greener home for us all. Putting an end to poor environmental habits is our number one priority, and Midori is here to lead that initiative by example.

Everyday tasks can be done more responsibly. From oral health care products to recycling solutions, our company envisions diversifying its portfolio to better serve the world.

We practice what we preach.